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DDR RAM-Upgrade for the best with dolgix Brand

DDR RAM-Upgrade for the best with dolgix Brand

Considered as one of the most key elements of a pc, Double-Data-Rate Synchronous Powerful Unique Accessibility Storage, also known as DDR SDRAM or DDR RAM in common, is a little device composed incorporated memory tour. DDR RAM is depending on the same framework as SDRAM, however, there is a difference in the utilization and using time alerts, allowing twice the details in the same period.
There are several aspects which one should consider if looking for a RAM low cost provider to get the best of value against your cash. Creating options beforehand about the framework and your need will help you obtain highest possible out of it. Look no further as Om Nanotech is one of the main DDR2 RAM providers also production DDR3 & even DDR1 memory segments and is a innovator in the market.
SDRAM memory snacks used only the increasing benefits of the indication to exchange details, while DDR RAM transactions details on both the increasing and dropping sides of time indication. Hence, DDR RAM is basically twice as quick as SDRAM
RAM quantity performs along with the top part side bus (FSB) of a pc. The FSB is the two-way details the route that delivers details from the main handling device (CPU) throughout the mother board to other several elements, such as the RAM, BIOS snacks, difficult disks and PCI slot machine games.
DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 memories are categorized according to the highest possible quantity at which they can work, as well as their timings. Timings are numbers such as 3-4-4-8, 5-5-5-15, 7-7-7-21, or 9-9-9-24, the reduced the better.
Buying a memory component with a marked time quantity greater than what your program can handle is ineffective if you are not going to over time your program.
DDR2 allows greater bus quantity and needs reduced energy by operating the inner time at 50 percent the quantity of the details bus
DDR2 Ram Supplier is a 240-pin component wherein DDR is a 184-pin component memory routine. DDR2 DIMMs are not developed to be in reverse suitable with DDR DIMMs. The level on DDR2 DIMMs is in a different place from DDR DIMMs, and the pin solidity is greater than DDR DIMMs in personal computers. Notepads have 200-pin segments for DDR and DDR2, but the level on DDR segments is at a different place than on DDR2 segments.
DDR3 is a DRAM interface requirements. The real DRAM arrays that shop the details are just like previously kinds, with identical efficiency.
The significant benefits that DDR3 Ram SDRAM has over DDR2 SDRAM is the capability to exchange details at twice the quantity (eight periods the quantity of its storage space arrays), allowing greater details or optimum details prices.
DDR3 memory provides a decrease in energy intake of up to 30% in comparison to DDR2 segments due to the 1.5 V provide current, in comparison to DDR2's 1.8 V or DDR's 2.5 V.
DDR1 – 333Mhz & 400Mhz, DDR2 – 533Mhz, 667Mhz & 800Mhz, DDR3 – 1333 Mhz at its best of the excellent can be predicted from one of the leaders of the memory production market – Om Nanotech.


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Dolgix Cellular RAM-An Overview and Significance

Dolgix Cellular RAM-An Overview and Significance

PSRAM is a form of powerful Unique Access Storage that allows it to run like fixed RAM as a result of the point that it has an integrated renew and address control routine. PS RAM indicates a higher solidity of DRAM which includes the features of SRAM. It is normally used in gadgets like the Apple iPhone or other similar included program gadgets. PSRAM/Cellular RAM Producers state that this is a mobile RAM memory that is supposed to be to the band of multiple creation RAM that is the pseudo fixed and uses low operated RAM that can be put into utilization for wifi devices or other convenient programs. Therefore this type of memory declares an effective memory that is for people that are always on the move.
This type of RAM is able of offering items that are functionally suitable to several resources and are depending on a mutually designed condition for Cellular RAM items. There are many companies who are into developing the items with this type of RAM and each would design the items in compliance to their own specifications and specialized knowing of RAM and the application that it produces. The technological innovation that controls this type of RAM is depending on the point that there is a growing need of improved memory and improved bandwidths of program, Cellular RAM in that regard is able to handle these type of improved memory specifications by the customers. PS RAM offers low cost development, low energy intake gadgets and also renew free function features. All these things allow that the customers are at the valuable end all along. One huge benefit that can be experienced by the customers is that there is in reverse interface with use of these kinds of RAMS, as they have the same current range and same synchronizations. Therefore customers can have a sleek changeover from SRAM to mobile RAMs for their gadgets. Being depending on DRAM Element technological innovation, the energy intake is properly as opposed to SRAM gadgets. This type of RAM is also able to support modern rush interface that is highly suitable with the Display interface that has low energy.
Though the type of application that has been produced by the mobile RAMS make them appropriate for next creation devices, however they can be successfully used in storage cache memory or buffered memory as well. The powerful, great solidity efficiency for next creation mobile mobile phones is thereby successfully taken care of by this type of dolgix ram manufacturer.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Om Nanotech Launches Dolgix range of Memory Products

India based supplier and exporter of Memory Products, Om Nanotech Pvt. Ltd. has expanded its product portfolio with announcing the launch of its Dolgix range of RAMs and Flash Drives.

Dolgix computer RAM range includes DDR1, DDR2 and DDR3 from 512 MB to 4GB capacities. Dolgix USB Drives are available in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB storage capacities and equipped with USB 2.0 interface, also backward compatible with traditional USB 1.0. The Dolgix USB Pen Drives from Om Nanotech works on Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP1, SP2 & Sp3), Windows 7, Windows 98SE, Windows 200, Linux 2.4 and above. These pen drives delivers super fast Read/Write speeds and comes in various Casings, according to the company. On the other hand, Dolgix FLASH cards (Micro SD/SD cards.) will be available in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities. Company claimed its flash cards also delivers fast data transfer rates to save consumers time.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Atul Khosla, Director, Om Nanotech Pvt. Ltd., said, “Post the launch of Zipmem, our premium range of memory products, we are very pleased to announce the standard range of Products under the brand name of Dolgix. The overwhelming response received by Zipmem encouraged us to come forward with Dolgix, which again brings offerings ranging from computer RAM (Memory Modules), FLASH cards to USB drives. Our primary commitment is to provide the growing market with the advanced memory products needed for maximum compatibility, user convenience, and flexibility.Manufactured from the original DRAM/FLASH from leading global manufacturers, to the most challenging standards, Dolgix endeavours to follow the footsteps of Zipmem in setting a new benchmark in quality, reliability and performance, thereby reinforcing the leadership of Om Nanotech Pvt. Ltd. globally.”